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Tree stakes and driveway markers have to go through a lot of wear and tear. They're exposed to the elements and need to withstand changes in temperature, fluctuations in humidity, rain, storms, and more.

The widespread and extensive application of tree stakes and driveway markers also means that they need to be made of materials that are lightweight, economical, durable, and scalable in order to keep the transportation, construction, and maintenance costs down.

With the advance in pultruded fiberglass manufacturing technology, Tencom manufacturers tree stakes and driveway markers of varying sizes and shapes to meet the needs of different projects.

What's Pultruded Fiberglass?

Pultruded fiberglass is a composite material made of polyester resin and fiberglass. The pultrusion process converts reinforced fibers and liquid resin into a fiber-reinforced plastic using a pulling method, which creates a material with higher tensile strength than those made with an extrusion process. Therefore, they're stronger yet more lightweight.


The pultrusion process allows the creation of tree stakes and driveway markers of virtually any shape, size, and color to meet the needs of any project.

The characteristics of the fiberglass stakes and markers can be varied by altering the composite matrices, so they can be manufactured to meet a wide range of requirements. 

For example, the composition can be adjusted to achieve high strength, tolerate different temperature ranges, or offer flame-retardant, track-resistant, UV-resistant, and corrosion-resistant qualities.

In addition, pigments can be added to the composite during the manufacturing process to achieve any color. This helps minimize the time and cost required for painting the components post-installation. 

The Benefits of Using Pultruded Fiberglass Tree Stakes And Driveway Markers

Tencom's pultruded fiberglass tree stakes and driveway markers have many benefits over traditional materials such as wood, steel, aluminum, or plastics since they're safe, easy to work with, and highly durable.

Here are some of the key benefits:

  • They're available in a variety of standard shapes, colors, and sizes or they can be customized to meet the needs of different projects and design requirements.

  • They offer excellent tensile strength and rigidity without the mass.

  • They can be mass-produced inexpensively, making it a feasible option for large-scale projects.

  • Their composition can be adjusted so builders and homeowners can respond to design needs, weather conditions, and more. 

  • They're 30% lighter than aluminum and 70% lighter than steel, which helps lower transportation cost. 

  • They can be machined, butted, slotted, chamfered, rounded, and pointed easily onsite using simple tools for quick installation.

  • They're available as solid or hollow shapes to meet different requirements.

  • They aren’t prone to deformation and can handle substantial impacts.

  • They're highly durable, chemical-resistant, and corrosion-resistant, therefore, ideal for outdoor applications.

  • They don't rot, rust, deteriorate, or degrade due to prolonged exposure to moisture, temperature extremes, or UV radiation.

  • They have a long service life of up to 15 years while requiring minimal maintenance. This lowers long-term maintenance requirements and the total cost of ownership.

  • They offer a sustainable solution thanks to their low total lifecycle cost and energy-efficiency in transportation, installation, and maintenance.

  • They can be manufactured to withstand years of wear and tear in outdoors condition by adding UV-resistant and corrosion-resistant treatments during the manufacturing process to withstand weather, moisture, and chemical exposure.

  • They can be used in a wide range of applications, including agricultural stake, tree stake, snow stake, reflective road marker, and more.

  • They can be reused season after season as agricultural stakes, lowering cost while minimizing environmental impacts.

Tencom Pultruded Fiberglass Tree Stakes And Driveway Markers

Tencom offers a variety of tree stakes and driveway markers in standard shapes and sizes.

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You can also work with us to customize tree stakes and driveway markers designed to meet any requirement.

Tencom: a Trusted Source For All Your FRP Needs

Tencom has been a leading manufacturer in pultruded fiberglass products for over 22 years. We offer a wide range of fiberglass products including tree stakes and driveway markers of varying sizes and shapes to meet the needs of different projects.

We also have a team of experts to help you create custom FRP profiles to meet your specific needs -- from colors, shapes, and sizes to weight, flex, and tensile requirements -- you can meet any design criteria for your projects.

To learn more about our tree stakes and driveway markers products contact us for more information.

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