material properties of pultruded products

Material Properties of Pultruded Products

View this chart below of typical properties for pultruded rods and pultruded profiles:

Pultruded Rod Pultruded Profile (lengthwise)
Fiber Type E-glass E-glass & Mat
Resin Type Polyester Polyester
Nominal Fiber % by Weight 45-75 40-55
Tensile Strength 414-827 MPa (60-120k psi) 172-290 MPa (25-42k psi)
Tensile Modulus 20.6-41.4 GPa (3000-6000k psi) 13.1-18.6 GPa (1900-2700k psi)
Flexural Strength 414-827 MPa (60-120k psi) 200-441 MPa (30-64k psi)
Flexural Modulus 20.6-41.4 GPa (3000-6000k psi) 12.4-14.4 GPa (1800-2100k psi)
Specific Gravity 1.9-2.0 gms/cc 1.7-1.8 gms/cc
Thermal Resistance (1) 100° C -----------
Water Resistance (2) 80° C -----------
Minimum Bend Diameter 80x Diameter -----------