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At Tencom Limited we provide custom pultruded fiberglass products to customers in wide range of industries. Our products and services can be applied to almost limitless applications.

What are common uses for pultruded products?

Some of the most common applications for pultruded products include products created to support: 

  • Construction, for items such as residential and commercial window, door, and frame profiles and reinforcements; pipe and electrical supports; and roll-up door panels
  • Utilities, for items such as utility poles, cross arms, and line markers; electrical lines and trunking; wastewater and water treatment components; non-conductive ladder rails; and fiber optic cabling
  • Infrastructure, for items such as bridge components; corrosion-resistant guardrails; antenna housing; railway crossing arms; and highway sound barriers

Other uses for pultruded products span dozens of verticals, and include:

  • Refrigeration components
  • Armor plate
  • Demisting blades
  • Cable trays
  • Static arrestors
  • Tool handles
  • Cored tubing
  • Struts
  • Perimeter fencing
  • Decks
  • Hand and guard rails
  • Seating

Industries that depend heavily on pultrusion for specific manufactured parts that are strong and lightweight include the motor vehicle, railway, and aerospace manufacturing verticals, as well as industrial, construction, electrical, chemical, and civil engineering sectors.


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Here are just a few examples of the innovative solutions and value-added products that we deliver every day.


Fiberglass Rods
Fiberglass Rods
Manufactured Fiberglass with Specialty Resins
Manufactured Fiberglass with Specialty Resins
Fiberglass Poles
Fiberglass Poles
Manufacturer of Fiberglass Window Reinforcements
Manufacturer of Fiberglass Window Reinforcements

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