custom fiberglass pultrusion

Custom Fiberglass Pultrusion

custom fiberglass pultrusion

At Tencom Limited, we are dedicated to custom fiberglass pultrusions, and offer the right product at the right time for the right price.

Our newly added, state-of-the-art equipment allows pultrusions of fiberglass composite material, with fiber types including E-glass and mat, carbon, and Kevlar. The polymers we work with include standard, polyester, vinylester, epoxy, phenolic, and polyurethane.

Our pultrusions provide many benefits. They are lightweight and high strength, have superior dimensional stability, electrical and thermal insulation, corrosion resistance, and electromagnetic transparency, with consistent color throughout.

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We specialize in items less than 2" square, but can offer custom fiberglass pultrusions up to 15" wide and up to 6" high, with tightness tolerances of .005". Our services can be performed in almost any profile, from solid to conductor rods, from tubes to oval solids, channels to tees, and any other custom profile imaginable.

We produce prototypes for large-scale production runs. In addition to our specialization in fiberglass-reinforced pultrusions, we offer quality drilling, grinding, sandblasting, and chamfering services.

Everything we do is completed with a customer-centric attitude, attention to industry and quality standards, and done by the "nicest in the country," a moniker we take pride in. To learn how Tencom's expertise and offerings can help you accomplish your goals, contact us.

pultrusion capabilities guide

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Custom Fiberglass Pultrusion Capabilities

Fiberglass Reinforced Pultrusions Custom Pultrusions
Materials Fiberglass Composite
Fiber Type E-Glass
E-Glass & Mat
Resin Systems Standard
Components Resin
High Strength
Superior Dimensional Stability
Electrical Insulation
Thermal Insulation
Corrosion Resistance
Electromagnetic Transparency
Consistent Cross Section
Inherent Color
Part Consolidation
Ease of Fabrication and Installation
Colors White
Shapes Solid Rods
Conductor Rods
Custom Profiles
Bar Stock (Rectangle & Square)
Oval Solids
Half Rounds
Almost Any Profile
Process Roving
Mat / Roving
Resin Bath
Heated Die
In-Die Heat Cure
Cut to Length
Width Up to 15 in
Height Up to 6 in
Tolerance .005 in
Additional Services Drilling
Sand Blasting
Production Volume Prototype to Large Scale Production
Lead Time 3 to 4 weeks

Additional Information

Industry Focus Electrical
Recreation Sporting Goods
Intended Applications Plant and Tree Stakes
Duct Rod
Transformer Spacers
Isolation Rods
Cable Support Rod
Corrosion Resistant Equipment
Food Processing Machines
Tent Poles
ATV Whips
Soccer Poles
Window Shades
Flag Poles
Driveway Markers
Retaining Wall Pins
Advertising Panels
Industry Standards ASTM
File Formats AutoCAD