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Pultruded Rods Are Ideal Replacements for Traditional Materials

As raw materials, processing and transportation costs continue to increase overhead expenses for projects, project managers are beginning to look at alternatives to replacing traditional...

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6 min read

How to Choose a FRP Manufacturer

Fiber-reinforced polymer (FRP) composites are becoming increasingly popular across the board.

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6 min read

Pultruded Supports for Barns, Decks and Porches

Water, weather elements, wear and tear and even pests can cause wood, steel or concrete to deteriorate which impacts the integrity of a structure or building.

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7 min read

Applications Fuel Growth In GRE Piping

Glass fiber reinforced epoxy (GRE) pipes are making the case to be an excellent alternative to carbon steel pipes. With smooth internal surfaces, these enable high pipe flow capacity while...

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4 min read

Fiberglass is Big Business

Did you know that glass fiber is used in many forms though many people do not realize this because the applications are mostly hidden?

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6 min read

Composites are Replacing Traditional Materials

Across a wide range of industries, project managers and engineers are finding that composites are a suitable replacement for traditional materials such as metals and wood.

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9 min read

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