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Leveraging Fiberglass Springs for Next-Generation Medical Springs

Springs play a critical yet often overlooked role in medical examination equipment. From imaging machines like MRI scanners to adjustable patient examination tables, scales, and specialty...

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4 min read

Revolutionizing Suspension Systems with Fiberglass Leaf Springs

Leaf springs have been a fundamental component of suspension systems for centuries. The earliest known use of leaf springs dates back to medieval times, where they were employed in...

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5 min read

Leveraging FRP for the Next Generation of Hockey Sticks

Hockey is a fast-paced, skillful sport that places intense demands on player equipment, especially sticks. As one of the main pieces of equipment contacting the puck, the hockey stick is...

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6 min read

Pushing Archery Bow Performance With Advanced Fiberglass

Archery has been an integral part of human history for thousands of years, serving as a crucial tool for hunting, warfare, and recreation.

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