Shining the Spotlight on  CAMX 2021

by Tencom Ltd.

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Come October, there is a fantastic opportunity to meet in person and network with businesses, professionals, managers, suppliers and executives who are in the composites field. For those unable to travel to the site for this person, there is also the option to sign up for the virtual conference option.

The Composites and Advanced Materials Expo (CAMX) is slated to be held in Dallas, Texas in October, from 19 to 21, 2021. The event will take place at the Kay Bailey Hutchison Convention Center Dallas (KBHCCD). This event touts the most robust programming for the composites and advanced materials industry by providing an exciting offering of sessions with industry experts in a variety of timely, educational opportunities.

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Owned and produced by the American Composites Manufacturers’ Association (ACMA) ─ the world’s largest composites industry trade group ─ and the Society for the Advancement of Material and Process Engineering (SAMPE), the exposition will provide education and events, access to market intelligence, and networking for individuals and businesses in the field.

ACMA represents both small and large companies ─ from manufacturers to suppliers and distributors, and affiliates in market segments across the United States. The body also has international members.

By working with regulators and legislators, ACMA serves as the center of expertise and competence and an essential driver of industry growth and prosperity.

Product categories at this year’s event include:

  • Additive manufacturing
  • Armor/ballistic materials
  • CNC machining equipment
  • Composites structural equipment
  • Pultrusion machinery
  • Resin transfer molding
  • Repair
  • Thermoplastics
  • Tools and tooling equipment
  • Ventilating equipment/dust/odor control

Industry Insights from Speakers

One of the key highlights of CAMX 2021 will be a presentation by Gregory M. Ulmer, Executive Vice President of the Aeronautics business area for Lockheed Martin Corporation who will be presenting his insights on the influence of composite materials and how companies can maximize advances in different manufacturing processes.

Throughout his career, Mr. Ulmer has led several critical projects for Lockheed Martin, including initiatives for the F-35 Lightning II Program and Vice President of Operations for Lockheed Martin Aeronautics Advanced Development Programs (ADP), also known as the Skunk Works®.

His presentation is titled “Mission Ready: Composites Innovations in Defense.”

He will also emphasize how composites play a significant role in the following areas:

  • Aerospace – Discover how aerospace has, and is, influencing other market segments.
  • Supply Chain and Circular Economy – Understand how to ensure strong supply chain management.
  • Sustainability – Learn about the importance of sustainment and modernization to stay competitive.

Learning Objectives:

  1. Explore the influence of composite materials and how companies can maximize advances in different manufacturing processes.
  2. Discover how aerospace has, and is, influencing other market segments.
  3. Understand how to ensure strong supply chain management.

If you are a remote attendee, you will be able to listen in on the live presentations. For example, Ulmer’s presentation will be made available on CAMX+, a digitally optimized experience that allows remote attendees to participate in CAMX from anywhere in the world.

Participants can also listen to insights from the next generation of composites professionals about leading industry topics. If you are curious how composite materials can solve your traditional material challenges, or if you are new to working with or manufacturing with composites, the organizers offer a bonus. There are free recorded sessions to better understand the various uses and benefits composites can bring to a variety of products. These sessions include:

  • Composites 101
  • Composites 201
  • Tooling 101 
  • Factory of the Future 101

In addition to a full conference lineup of keynote speakers, CAMX 2021 will offer attendees the chance to participate in a variety of featured sessions/panels focusing on subjects ranging from infrastructure solutions to the expanding role of women in the composites industry.

Tracks and Categories

Sessions include:

  1. The latest advances in materials will cover adhesives, advanced materials and selection, high-temperature resins & adhesives, nanomaterials and nanotechnology, resins and matrices Thermoplastics resins and composites and Thermoset resins and composites.
  2. Design, analysis, and simulation will cover advanced design, analysis, and verification, advanced design methods, computational materials science and engineering (CMSE), damage, fatigue, and fracture as well as durability, agility, and long-term performance.
  3. Manufacturing and processing technologies will focus on advances in automation and affordable manufacturing, advances in prepreg technology, automation and robotics technology, bonding primary and secondary structures, composite manufacturing and processing, forming technologies, large production volume manufacturing methods, resin infusion/liquid molding/VARTM composites processing, tooling, UV cure and EB cure.
  4. Green and sustainability will look at alternative energy, designing for sustainability, life cycle assessments, recycling of composites, renewables and bio-composites materials.

Technical Papers

There will also be 25-minute presentations which include formal written research papers reviewed by industry peers. Presentations address critical areas important to the composites and advanced materials industry from business, applications, and research perspectives.

Educational Sessions

For those who want to learn more about composites, there are 55-minute presentations that focus on case studies, best practices, issue reviews, and more. These sessions led by subject area experts are presented as lectures, panels, and discussions, and provide valuable information in a multitude of areas.

Part of the CAMX Conference Program will include featured sessions that provide cutting-edge information delivered by high-level industry experts. These sessions focus on composites innovation, market growth, and hot topics associated with advanced materials technologies.

What you learn in these sessions can help you to improve your products and processes, expand your business, and plan for the future.

Live Demonstrations

CAMX features a unique, three-day learning experience, with over 10 live demos on vacuum infusion, light resin transfer molding, and advanced processes producing real-life parts. The live demonstrations offer participants a chance to see, touch, feel, and learn from industry leaders.

Campfire Sessions

Participants will be able to get up close and personal with subject matter experts and like-minded peers where you will be able to exchange ideas and thoughts about new trends and industry developments during campfire sessions.

According to the CAMX website, 351 exhibitors have signed up for this year’s event. You can view the full list here.

At the time of publication, exhibitors that have signed include Northrop Grumman, Owens Corning Composites, North Star Imaging, Alpine Advanced Materials, Eastman Machine Company, Thermwood Corporation and American GFM Corporation.

Registrations are open now. Early bird specials end on September 6, 2021. For more information, visit CAMX at

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