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Pultrusion and the Quest for Green Manufacturing

Limiting the environmental impact of materials and manufacturing is a key priority worldwide. Can pultrusion be an eco-friendly manufacturing choice for energy, transportation, and...

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Pultrusion Manufacturing Process

Pultrusion, refers to a continuous or uninterrupted process that utilizes fiber reinforcements or other resin matrix's to produce cross-sectional materials. Pultrusion is a combination of...

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The Worldwide Pultrusion Revolution

According to the European Pultrusion Technology Association (EPTA), more architects and engineers are discovering the benefits of pultrusion and incorporating pultrusions into construction...

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The Unique Capabilities and Benefits of Pultruded Products

Pultruded products are becoming a staple of the global manufacturing economy, and pultrusion is now one preferred form of manufacture of composite parts for thousands of products in key...

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