Fiberglass-reinforced plastic is increasingly becoming the material of choice for transmission line construction and maintenance. FRP offers superior performance qualities compared to traditional steel and aluminum, owing to its lightweight, high chemical resistance, and corrosion-free quality. It is also extremely resistant against fire and UV radiation, making it excellent as a solution for electrical installations in extreme weather conditions. Furthermore, FRP can be painted with regular oil or enamel paint to provide further protection against harsh elements like salt spray and humidity. 

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Despite its usefulness, there are some important considerations when using FRP materials for transmission lines. For instance, installation takes longer than conventional steel options due to differences in thermal expansion rates.

Moreover, its relative flexibility may compromise the efficiency of energy transfer over longer distances thanks to voltage phase variations caused by mechanical fatigue—a phenomenon known as 'wave distortion.'

Finally, FRP materials are sensitive to excessive vibration as well as sudden changes in temperature which can alter their mechanical properties over time. As a result, it's essential for engineers to ensure that multiple measures are taken in order to account for any environmental factors that could contribute towards such modifications.

Fiberglass-reinforced plastic could be an ideal choice when constructing or maintaining electrical transmission lines due to its resilience toward corrosion and fire while still offering lighter load weights than its metal counterparts.

However, it's important that proper precautions are taken prior to opting for this option since there can be related limitations surrounding prolonged exposure to certain elements or environments that present a challenge from both installation maintenance points of view.

Although these restraints exist, careful planning should ensure that FRP can offer a viable transportation medium for electric power across shorter or greater distances alike with maximum effectiveness.

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